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FLHR | Family Loyalty Honour Respect | Blackrose Tattoos

Blackrose Tattoos

At Blackrose Tattoos everything is about good quality tattoo artwork. We put pride in our following words: Family, Loyalty, Honour and Respect. (FLHR)

Each tattoo is seen with these strong words in mind ; our clients will always be respected like family, … chosen family.

We not only a tattoo studio but also see ourselves as a social club with our family becoming bigger every day.

All equipment is sterile, we use an auto clave, all needles are sealed etc. We take great measures to ensure everything is super sterile and clean.

We are a private studio with a strict one-on-one artist to client relationship.

At Blackrose we love our clients and our clients wearing our tattoos love us even more….

Give us a call. Make a booking and become part of Blackrose Society.